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How Does Exercise Impact Weight Loss?

How Does Exercise Impact Weight Loss?

How Does Exercise Impact Weight Loss?

Bricks Fitness:

Today's in this content is particularly for beginners first I do have to let you guys know about bricks Fitness where you can find mill plants online coaching and merchandise you can also find my 12.we transformation jumpstart program which is basically a fitness and nutrition program that teaches you everything you need to know in order to transform your body all the proceeds from that journal is what allows me to continue to make this free content for you guys.


So go to bricks fitness calm I remember at the beginning of my journey I used to overcomplicate fitness there were so many exercises so many machines I was intimidated I did not know what to do one of the biggest misconceptions that beginners have is that you absolutely need variety in your fitness routine you do not need variety you honestly can transform your body using a few exercises so what I want to do is simplify exercise for the very beginner even if you're not super beginner even if you've been in the gym for a little while and you're intimidated by the process you're intimidated by trying to figure out.

Powerful Habit Tools:

What's the right routine dial it back let's keep things simple I think simplicity is one of the most powerful tools for creating a habit for creating adherence so this article is going to give you guys four exercises that you can focus on mastering and even if you don't have a gym membership these are exercises that you can do at home the exercises that I'm going to discuss the push-up the bodyweight squat the hand plank and the bent-over row before we get any further into the content just wanted to take a second to clarify my advice focus on these four exercises the goal right now is to master these four exercises work on the four to five days a week find a way to record your current level find out what you can do right.

Clear Goal:

Now and test it every two weeks or so set a clear goal focus on these four exercises put most of your energy towards improving your nutrition if you have a set of dumbbells at home that's totally fine you can use gallons of milk or gallons of water instead I suggest you getting a set of dumbbells 15 to 25 pounds depending on your strength or you can get a set of resistance bands like the one I have here and this will allow you to do a pulling motion which will help you strengthen your back my goal is to make.

Push up:

This content super practical right so here's the deal you have four exercises again to push up the bodyweight squat the rope and the hand plank and I know what you're thinking okay I don't know how many of these to do here's the goal you want to master the push-up now it depends on your particular goal I can't tell you what your goal is but for me right let's say this is the beginning of my fitness journey I'm overweight I don't have much experience in the gym the first thing I'm trying to master the form right so whether.

Body Weight Squat:

We're talking about the push-up or the bodyweight squat form is is my first goal to master my form and to identify if I have any limitations in my body that will stop me from mastering the form, for instance, let's say we're talking about a bodyweight squat alright so the goal with the bodyweight squat and this is not a squat about the form but just as an example you want to make sure you initiate the squat through your hips keep your chest up and your shoulders back.


All right down so here you wanna you want to make sure that your glutes get parallel to your knees or maybe a little bit below depending on how mobile you are all right and then drive back up pushing through your heels or the outside of your heels activating your posterior your glutes and your hamstrings, in the beginning, you may not be able to go all the way down so if you can only do this your first goal is to work on your mobility your groin mobility your hip work on trying to get that squat lower and lower and lower before you start putting numbers to your specific goal right.

Angle Increasing:

Now for instance with the pushup your first goal right is to be able to do a complete push-up with good form and up alright alright so let's say you can't do a full push-up yet here's where you can start you can start off about by doing them on the wall here alright so once you master that and you want to add a little bit more challenge to it just simply slack your feet back a little bit further that will increase the angle, therefore, increasing the challenge of the push-up.


If you're starting off doing wall push-ups make the goal to be able to do let's say 100 wall push-ups and then you'll progress over to an incline push-up so you can use a bench or windowsill or whatever elevated surface that you have access to and you do it here so this would be the first progression from the wall and after you master this that's when you can move down to the floor so with push-ups let's make your very first goal 100 perfect push-ups you can do that in sets of 10 you can do it in sets of 20 however and here's the thing you can modify.

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