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Best Exercise Workout Music Mix πŸ”₯ Top 10 Workout Songs 2020

Best Exercise Workout Music Mix πŸ”₯ Top 10 Workout Songs 2020

 Best Exercise Workout Music Mix πŸ”₯ Top 10 Workout Songs 2020

Welcome to Gym Exercise:

Hey guys here and welcome to 2020 I can't believe it is a brand new year and a brand new decade what you guys because 2020 is such a special number in a special year I really wanted to play around with the number 20 and 20 so if you are joining me here today which you obviously are this is day one of our 2020 challenge so what is it basically guys the 2020 challenge will last 20 days starting today ending on January 20th all you have to do is do two moves every day 20 reps each and you're done why because I want to make sure that you are moving your body even if it's just a little bit something to get you started something to make you feel really accomplished and to also help with that feeling of accomplishment I want you to go to Blogilates comm right now and print out this printable okay every day you are going to check off that box so that by January 20th you're writter have 20 check marks you're writter feel so good this is how I want us to head off and kick off our brand new year I want you to feel like you already got something done got something accomplished you're writter feel.

Go Ahead Exercise:

So good so the rest of the year it's writer be easy peasy and you'll be motivated and ready to go and pretty much just crush everything alright you guys so if you are ready to start the 2020 challenge with me go ahead and give this content a this and let's kick off day one here we go hey guys welcome today one of your 2020 challenge today we're working on your booty and your abs so we're going to be doing squats and rope climbs so we're just writer get started 20 of each bird 2020 challenge so you're writer bring the legs hip-width apart just like so hands in front and we're either do is come down and up there's one down and up we've just got 20 here.

Chest of Health:

Keeping that chest nice and open back flat feet flat on the floor beautiful excellent Exercise really squeezing your booty up to come down we've got nine right now down and up 20 is a great number having 2020 vision is great clarity and we're writer look at this new year with precise vision think about what you want to accomplish hey that's fifteen fifteen seventeen get a little more 2020 one more now and twenty super good now on to her rope climb so coming down on the floor legs hip-width apart feet flat what you're a writer do is climb the rope one two three and come back down one two three really grabbing that rope working your abs here and damn nice guys up to three and slowly lower with control I feel like.

Beautiful Day of Health:

I want to click right when I go out I can think I'm writer do that boom do and coming down he's going up two-three and slowly beautiful now we can't get that high that's okay just go as high as you can but really use your abs to lift not your neck, not anything else make it precise make it sharp ten more and down come on this is day one it's a brand new year it's a brand new decade I want guys to kill it with your 2020 challenge and down keep going you're having fun too right cuz it's no toy and working out if you're not having a good time you guys up to three and lower okay what two-three we're almost there up to three and you go one more up to three and coming all the way down you guys you finished day one of your 2020 challenge congratulations I'll see you back here tomorrow hey guys welcome back for day two of your 2020 challenge today we're working on our arms and our.

Roebucks of exercise:

The push-ups and roebucks so for our first move you're to come down on the floor I love covert push-ups for our triceps so bring the hands right underneath your shoulders elbows out wide now squeeze them into your ribcage okay and then pressing through the heel of your palm I want you to lift up halfway squeeze those elbows into your drop and then come back down oh count that as one okay ready you guys let's go we're going up and down pressing through the triceps right here you can also use your lower back and your upper gluts here to lift yourself up okay open up your heart center eyes looking forward yes I'm so glad you're here for day two we're starting off this decade right Chris turn off to your right, okay together motivated move in I mean oh okay 1516 come on 17 whoo 18 you got 19 one more 20 and down okay triceps oh it worked now let's go ahead and go into our roll-ups which are amazing for your abs go ahead and come down with control.

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